Kubota Donates Excavator To HCSD

Last week, local Partner in Education, the Kubota Corporation of America, donated an excavator to the Hall County School District. Valued at over 100K$, the machine will be utilized by the district’s Trades in Training Large Equipment Program, which is offered through Lanier College and Career Academy. The program allows high school students throughout the county an opportunity to gain hands-on-experience operating large farm and construction equipment.

Kubota has long been a strong supporter and partner of the HCSD, providing internships to many students through work-based-learning. Additionally, through financial support and the donation of equipment, the company has been instrumental in the development of the district’s new Agribusiness Center.

“This excavator will be yet another tool our students can get their hands on, get familiar with, and develop some skills that will make them work-force ready after graduation,” said Superintendent Will Schofield. “Our friends at Kubota get it. They are helping us open future doors to students who have an interest in this area. To engage students early on like this, while they are still in high school, gives them a huge advantage moving forward. It truly is a gift.”

“As the Hall County School District expands their curriculum to include construction equipment, it seems fitting to add Kubota to the equipment line up with a new KX080-4 excavator,” said Phil Sutton, Vice President, Kubota Manufacturing of America. “As one of the county’s top employers, Kubota is proud to work with Hall County to provide reciprocal work-based learning programs that aim to attract and train high school students with hands-on, real-world opportunities to learn how to safely operate equipment. We’re proud to work alongside the Agri-Business Center as they grow the next generation of business owners and farmers to help them learn the skills needed to pursue occupations in the construction or agriculture fields.”.